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Maros Karst

Karst-Pangkep Maros in South Sulawesi is one area that has karst landscape is unique and special so-called tower karst. South Sulawesi has karst (rock hill) is very wide, namely-Pangkep Maros Karst. 4500 hectare area stretching, the third largest in the world. This karst browse and see the wealth in it .

This area is located in two districts, namely Maros regency and Pangkep. Precisely in the north of Makassar, between 50 and 100 kilometers from the city of Makassar. Line of karst can be seen clearly from the trans-Sulawesi road connecting Makassar, Pare .

The cave is formed as a result of carbonate rocks that laundering not only produce cave ornaments are very pretty. But it also serves as the human species take refuge in the past. The caves are inhabited by human beings and their culture in the past. This is called pre-historic cave-Speleology .

Potential caves that form the corridor and developing underground river in the karst Maros-Pangkep become one of its own potential. Cave with an underground river that has evolved an amazing cave formation .

longest and deepest cave in Indonesia, until now, the longest and deepest caves in Indonesia was found in the Maros karst. Deepest cave shaped single wells with a depth of 260 meters was found in Leaputte Leang. The longest cave is estimated to be found in the Kallang Salukkan cave system, which reaches 2700 meters in length .

This cave system is a set of systems that perguaan continuous and has a mouth of the cave. One of the cave entrance is a vertical cave contained in the National Park conservation area Bantimurung-Bulusaraung, Karaenta area. In 2001, back in the second longest cave in Maros, with a length of 12 kilometers in the area Balocci, Pangkep. The findings of this expedition, the French team added to the long list of caves in Maros wealth.

Survey Report (pdf format) :

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