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Under Bright Sky In Indonesia

Indonesia is the best place to spend your holiday. Here is the list of beautiful places in Indonesia that might interest you.

Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua

Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago located in the western province of Papua New Guinea in the West, precisely at the head of birds of Papua. This archipelago is a divers destination-divers who are interested in the beauty of underwater scenery.

Sanur Beach, Bali

This beach is known as the sunrise beach, because of its location on the east of Bali island. Position at the east of island, makes Sanur is a precise location to enjoy the sunrise and the fun sights. In fact, there is a beach segment called Sunrise Beach, because the scenery is very beautiful as the sun rises there. 

Bunaken Marine Park, North Sulawesi

Bunaken marine park has a 20 point dive (dive spot) with varying depths up to 1344 meters. Of the 20 diving points, 12 points among them diving around Bunaken Island. Twelve point dive is the most frequently visited by divers and lovers of the beauty of the underwater scenery.

Green Canyon, West Java

Green Canyon save a tremendous charm. The combination of rivers, green valleys, protected forest, and various stalactite-stalagmite. Beauty wrapped in silence, like a hidden paradise.Green Canyon were developed in 1989.

Bantimurung Karst Mountains, South Sulawesi

Bantimurung National Park has the most beautiful natural scenery. Because in this park, there are sources of water that never dry. So that various types of plants can survive in the long dry season.

Taka Bonerate National Park South Sulawesi

The Bonerate National Park is home to the third biggest atoll in the world after Kwajifein in the Marshall Isles and Suvadiva in the Moldiva Isles. The total area of the atoll is about 220,000 hectares with coral reefs spreading over 500km2. The national park includes an area of 530,765 ha. Taka Bonerate is a Bugis’s name that somewhat has a meaning ‘Coral Piled Up On Sand’. There are 15 islands in taka Bonerate National Park where visitors can enjoy diving, snorkelling and marine tours

Tanah Toraja, South Sulawesi

Tana Toraja, a famous tourist attraction with its cultural richness. District that is located about 350 km north of Makassar Indonesia. This place is very popular with the customary form of house building. This custom home was named Tongkonan. Tana Toraja is famous for its variety of cultural tradition is always interesting to visit. One of the most coveted tradition of the tourists is the Toraja funeral. tourists will be served by a variety of cultural activities Toraja filled with mystical and strange.

Toraja funeral traditions in a very distinctive and can only be held by a noble family. Funeral lasted for days, and as the top event will be held slaughter of the buffalo. Of interest to tourists is an ordinance of the funeral. Bodies will be buried on the hill, left to run itself. The following places are very sacred to the Toraja community:

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