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Buginese traditional House structure

Bugis houses have unique characteristics, compared with stage-house of another tribe (Sumatra and Kalimantan). The form typically extends to the rear, with additional beside the main building and the front; in Bugis it calls lego-lego.

Typical architecture of Bugis stage houses consists of several main parts as follows:

  • Main mast (alliri). Usually consists of four bars per line. The amount depends on the amount of space that will be created. But in general, consists of three-quarters alliri line. So total there are 12 bars alliri.
  • Fadongko ', that is an extension of alliri in each row.
  • Fattoppo that is a hook of the top and center alliri of each row.

All the Bugis architecture of the building or house is the stage-house that has a 'trap', according to local people's stories, long before Islam entered the land of the Bugis (tana ugi '), the Bugis have faith that the universe is composed of three parts, the upper (botting langi), middle (alang tengnga) and bottom (paratiwi). Logically high-rise buildings structure has safe and comfort factor. Safe, because the snake can not go upstairs (average height of Bugis house stage is two feet high from the ground). Comfortable, in condition of hot wheather the circulation and wind more freely.

The part of the Bugis house is as follows:

  • Rakkeang, is the above part of the house (plasterboard). The former is usually used to store newly harvested rice.
  • Ale Bola is the center of the house. In which we live. At the Ale Bola, there is a central point called the center of the house (posi'bola).
  • Awa bola is under part of the house, located between house floor with the ground.

The most interesting part to create a Bugis house that it can be built / established without requiring a single nail, all the pure use of wood and pegs. In addition to the house can be removed or lifted up, of course, with a traditional ceremony which still contains a strong mystical.