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Small knife known as Badik

Badik or badek is a knife with the typical form developed by the Buginese and Makassar. badik single or double sharp sided. Like a keris, shape asymmetry and the blade often decorated with prestige. However, different from the keris, badik never had the ganja (buffer strip).

This badik is a unique weapon traditional Makassar, Mandar and Buginese who located on the island of Sulawesi. The size of a short and easy to carry where, but do any of that This badik when was out of his holster never to be put before the drinking of blood.

It is usually customary weapon by the name of badik was once commonly used by farmers to protect themselves from the reptile and or kill forest animals who disturb his plants. Moreover, because people bugis like to wander, so embedding badik in his waist make him feel protected.

badik has the form and title vary depending on the from region to which it belongs. In Makassar badik known as the badik sari which had kale (blades) are flat, batang (stomach) distended and sharp and cappa and banong (badik sheath). Meanwhile in Bugis badik called kawali, such as king kawali (Bone) and kawali hornbill (Luwu). Kawali Bone consists of bessi (blades) are flattened, the tip slightly widened and sharpened. While kawali Luwu consists of bessi a flat and straight shape. Kawali have the parts: Pangulu (ulu), bessi (bars) and wanoa (sarong)

Generally, badik is used to defend themselves in maintaining self-esteem a person or family. It is based on the culture of siri ‘with the meaning to maintain the dignity of a family. The concept of siri ‘This already integrated in the behavioral, social and cultural systems and ways of thinking Bugis, Mandar and Makassar in South Sulawesi. Apart from that there is also a badik which serves as heirlooms, like a badik Saroso that have historical value. There are also some people who believe that the badik is useful as a talisman that affect the value of one’s good and bad.

Various kinds of badik.

Badik Raja (gecong raja, bontoala)

Badik that origin from the kajuara, Bone regency, in making This badik, the people around kajuara there still believe if badik raja was made by the of spirits, when night, the sound of hammers pounding in unseen lanraseng until next morning, community finds it be a badik raja. This badik blade size of 20-25 cm, according to Ray Divo, badik raja characteristics similar to badik lampobattang, the shape of the blade slightly bent, from upstream slightly smaller and wide and then tapered.
Generally have the prestige timpalaja or mallasoancale near its upstream. Iron and steel materials of high quality and contain meteorite that prominent on the surface, if little is called uleng-puleng if largecalled batu-lappa and if spreads across the surface like sand called interest pejje or busa-uwae. badik raja in the past used only by the river or among the nobles in kingdom of Bone.

Badik Lagecong

Badik Lagecong, badik one is known as Bugis badik perang, many people look for it because very famous for its mosonya (poison), many people believe that all of the tools of war will be subject to the badik gecong,
There are two versions, that first, Gecong taken the name from the name of the pandre (master) called la gecong, the second taken from bugis gecong or Geco ‘that can be defined once Geco’ (touch) instantly die.
until recently many believe that original gecong is made from palm leaves and floating on the water and against the flow. gecong length usually span adults, prestige lonjo, the shape is more flat, thin but strong.

Badik Luwu

Badik Luwu from Luwu Regency, its shape is a bit bent, mabbukku tedong (buffalo humpback), straight and tapered blade forward.
badik bugis sometimes given prestige a very beautiful, sometimes become prey to the collector. in the steel contained rakkapeng or plating on the steel supposedly plated with the lips and “sorry” virgin genitals, so is said to that no one are immune to This badik Luwu.

Badik Lompo Battang

Badik Lompo battang or sari, badik came from Makassar, shaped like a banana heart, some are saying as the pregnant, that’s why people call Lompo battang (big belly), supposedly if someone exposed This badik, so they will not survive in the 24 hours.